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I work as a marketing consultant and I will endeavor to make your business more successful. Hiring me is much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time staff member, you will get access to all my tools and resources, you’ll never have to pay me to go on holiday and you will get regular updates on completed tasks to improve your website and business, here are a few examples of the type of work I can do.

Web Design

Is your website old, not reflecting your core values / personality and not generating enough leads for your business?

I can create you a fresh new website, built with modern tech & trends in mind, which you & your customers love and will bring you the leads & sales (such as this 4x increase in sales) you need to be successful.

I create websites for B2B service businesses, ecommerce companies, small businesses, bloggers & entrepreneurs.

Whether you want something completely brand new, or a freshen-up and improvement of existing setup – I can help you.

Website Management

Do you have a website but aren’t doing anything with it? A website is just like a car, it’s no good just sitting it in the garage – it should be out on the streets and needs petrol, oil and regular maintenance to run optimally.

Up to 75% of people viewing your website will talk themselves out of doing business with you if your website isn’t up-to-date!! That’s how important this is, and you will never know it – they won’t tell you this is why, they will just quietly leave.

I can help you by keeping your website up-to-date, adding new blog posts and news articles, installing security updates, monitoring analytics, adding new products, analysing sales data and making improvements where necessary.

Email Marketing

Struggling to bring in regular visitors to your website? Don’t know how to sell regularly and easily whenever you launch a new product or service?

If you don’t yet have a mailing list, go find the nearest mirror, look yourself in the eyes – and give yourself a slap.

Every business, no matter what type, needs to work on a mailing list as one of their major strategies. Studies show that people don’t buy until the 7th or 8th time they hear from you, instead of constantly marketing to new people – you should be nurturing those who have already shown an interest.

I can help you set up a new email marketing system, optimised landing pages, automated email drip campaigns, write newsletters, create viral giveaway competitions, build your mailing list and send engaging emails which convert.

Social Media Management

Social media is changing every… single… day! Are you keeping up with it? Or are you just throwing up an occasional post and hoping someone visits your profile and this somehow converts to business?

I can help you, but you need to be committed to rocking some awesome profiles and work with me – together we can rock your social media presence and build your tribe.

What’s hot right now? (November 2017): building a tribe of engaged fans via Facebook groups, sharing personal stories and making meaningful connections on LinkedIn and re-targeting your existing customers (remember they need to hear from you 7 or 8 times to buy) with Facebook Ads – sending them to a landing page / lead magnet to add to your mailing list.

This may change next month – Instagram may become hot or Twitter may make a comeback, who knows someone may figure out a great way to sell through MySpace… (stranger things have happened). Each network takes a very different approach to be successful – I can help you do this, I can help you create viral content too.

Marketing Strategies, Lead Generation & PR

Want to get your company in front of your target customers and in the press but don’t know where to start?

Marketing is not just about doing what you think you should do. Sometimes you need to do something
to stand out.

I can help you come up with unique strategies to get excellent results for your business. I am extremely proficient at lead generation, successful marketing strategies and have had clients covered on all the major mainstream media in New Zealand (TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspapers) – the same can be done anywhere else in the world too.

If you know exactly who your target market is, I can also generate a list of brilliant leads for you to contact (works best for B2B businesses).

Search Engine Optimisation & Google AdWords

Are you struggling to rank for keywords related to your business? Can you imagine how much traffic and how many leads you’d get if every time someone searched for something that you do – up came your name at the top of the list?

That is called search engine optimisation. People are searching for you every day, every hour, sometimes even every minute – the problem is they just don’t know you exist!

I can help you create and implement a strategy to rank your website highly on Google and other search engines for specifically targeted keywords which are relevant to your company. This can also be complemented with a paid Google AdWords campaign to drive extra, super-targeted traffic to your landing and product pages.

Graphic Design

Do you need something new designing but don’t really know where to start or who to ask? Do you want designs which will represent your brand well, and most importantly get a reaction from your audience?

I can help you design company logos, website banners, newspaper ads, flyers, posters and business cards.

If you are 100% focused on design, then there are better pure designers out there – but if you are focused on conversions then this is where my design / marketing background works well together.

My designs infuse engaging copy and layout structure to elicit the response you want – one experiment I ran with 2 newspaper ads had my advert result in over 10x the amount of sign-ups vs the traditional ads this company ran.

How it works

1. We meet or hop on a call to discuss your needs.
2. You choose to either use my services for one-off projects when needed, or on a monthly retainer if you know you’ll need my support on a regular basis (this setup comes with discounts/perks).
3. We set you up as a client of mine.
4. You call upon me whenever you need anything web / marketing related done.
5. Enjoy the new web / marketing upgrades you have coming your way.

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