I work as a marketing consultant, you can hire me for a set number of hours per week (between 4 and 10) and I will work on making your business more successful. It works out much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time staff member, you will get access to all my tools and resources, you’ll never have to pay me to go on holiday and you will get weekly updates on completed tasks to improve your website and business, here are a few examples of the type of work I can do:

Website Management

May involve keeping website up-to-date, adding new blog posts and news articles, installing security updates, monitoring analytics, adding new products, analysing sales data and making improvements where necessary.

Preferred system: Any

Email Marketing

May involve setting up of email marketing system, building a mailing list, setting up automated emails, setting up email templates and sending emails.

Preferred system: MailChimp
Also familiar with: AWeber, Constant Contact

Web Design

May involve setting up of brand new website, blog or online store using a template, or improvement of existing setup.

Preferred systems: WordPress & Shopify
Also familiar with: Magento, Drupal, Joomla & SilverStripe

Social Media Management

May involve launching new social media pages, devising social media sales and engagement strategy and building the profile of the page through regular posting and engagement.

Preferred systems: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & LinkedIn
Also familiar with: Instagram, Pintrest, SnapChat, Flickr, Meetup, Google+ & Reddit

Search Engine Optimisation & Google AdWords

May involve creating and implementing a strategy to rank your website highly on Google and other search engines for specifically targeted keywords which are relevant to your company.

Preferred system: Google

Get in Touch

Please email me or call me on +64 27 530 0522 with some information about the project you’d like me to work on. We can meet for a coffee (if you live in the Bay of Plenty, NZ) or talk face-to-face on Skype to discuss your project and decide together if it’s a good fit. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are based as I usually work remotely but I’m happy to work on-site if you are based local to me.