Hi, I’m Dan Lacey

I’ve built hundreds of websites and spent thousands of hours studying how to make your marketing efforts successful.

My services are focused around building you a lead-generation website to be proud of. I then help you drive traffic to your website through email marketing, social media, SEO, PR and other marketing strategies.

Dan Lacey

My approach is different to most marketers


I purposefully plan around the #1 goal of your business, such as generating enquiries, product sales or building an email list.


I use a combination of design, marketing and functionality, so your website doesn’t just look great… it gets results.


My services won’t break the bank and the whole point is to get you an excellent return on investment.

Here's a little bit more information about me

The first website I ever built was a Chris Jericho fan page when I was 15 using the Geocities platform. Anyone familiar with Geocities and websites of this era will remember the background music, guestbooks and animated GIFs…

From then to now, websites have come a long way since Geocities.

After playing around with websites for fun over the next couple of years, I went on to get my Degree in Computing while studying at the University of Central Lancashire – I learned for the first time how to code websites myself, how to use PhotoShop and the theory behind running an online business. This was followed by my Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, where I learned about core marketing concepts and how to implement them.

My graduations in 2007 and 2010 (blonde highlights were in fashion back then… promise!)

In 2009 I started my first business, a website design agency called Ambition Media. I bought a huge book on how to code websites using Dreamweaver and I was away – creating websites from scratch for the first couple of years. I later progressed to using the content management system WordPress, which certainly made my life (and clients) much easier… I also created my first ecommerce websites during this time.

Below is a photo from 2010 where I did my first photo shoot to get some ‘professional’ looking photos to advertise the business, which ended up going for 5 years (the last of which I really started to focus on lead generation) – I worked on some extremely enjoyable projects with some great people during that time.

Here I am on what looks like a very important phone call, perhaps trying to get hold of a suit which fits.

In addition to running my website design business; 2011-2012 brought a stint as Marketing Director for Family Storit, an online app which allowed families to store their memories online. I also held the role of European Project Coordinator at NW Texnet for 2 years in 2012-2014, which allowed me to gain significant experience of setting up new websites and marketing them in the European market.

Here I am standing behind a man holding a laptop, appearing in the Manchester Evening News for Family Storit.

In 2014 I moved to New Zealand on a whim and took on the role of Marketing Manager at PCNZ, one of the largest natural health companies in the Asia-Pacific region. This gave me huge experience of a wide range of marketing activities in a new part of the world – one of my main tasks was of course the creation of a comprehensive new website. I stayed in this role for 2 years before setting up my own company again, which allowed me to move to Southland and work on exciting new projects while I see a lot more of this amazing country.

New Zealand has some simply breathtaking places to visit (great photos are all about timing).

During my career so far there is one thing I have never stopped doing, and that’s learning. I have never thought I’ve got all the answers and I always have my head in a book, or I’m taking a new online course, or I’m reading a guide… or I’m seeking advice from someone who’s done it better than me. This has allowed me to continue growing and I hope that I’ll continue to grow even further.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients and colleagues, some of whom are shown here:

Why My Method Works

Through the experience of building hundreds of websites and thousands of hours of study, I have struck upon a formula which quite simply just works. Here are my core concepts of creating a successful website:

  • Your website must have a purpose, & it must be designed around this purpose.
  • Your website needs to add value; with well-written content that people are excited to read & services that benefit people in some way.
  • You need to make people remember you – don’t try to blend in & don’t be afraid to stand out.

This is why I will often take as much time planning a website as building it. Each individual project will vary and there’s a lot more that goes into it, but I find that sticking to these core concepts is a winning formula and gives you a huge unfair advantage over your competition – most of whom didn’t think about any of this and just threw up a nice looking website to blend into the industry.

Support Team

Through administration and moral support, my wonderful support team allow me to focus on what I do best, while keeping me organised and motivated.



Accounts / Admin



Office Manager

What people are saying

Here's what some of my clients and colleagues have said about working with me.

Rachel Kim

“I recommend Dan without hesitation for anyone who is wanting to launch or improve on an existing website or for anyone requiring marketing and advertising advice.”

Rachel Kim / Pharmaceutical Compounding NZ

Graeme Dixon

“I have yet to meet a web expert as knowledgeable as Dan, he has a growing reputation for creating original solutions and most rarely in his industry, doing what he says. Do not go anywhere else.”

Graeme Dixon / Octopus Intelligence

Mike Bentley

“Dan has excellent technical skills around marketing, webpage and website development. He builds rapport and confidence in colleagues, staff and directors because of these technical skills. His ability to provide solutions that add value to the business has made him popular with the team.”

Mike Bentley / Bentley Associates EU

Steve Kay

“Dan is very creative and knowledgeable of the options available, he quickly grasps new ideas and can put them into practice effectively. Dan frequently ‘went the extra mile’ in terms of putting in a substantial amount of out-of-hours time to get the job done, which always leaves a good impression on colleagues.”

Steve Kay / NW Texnet

Mary Bryne

“Dan has an innate knowledge of what works best with reaching the public in the online forum. He is now our go-to man for these decisions. We really appreciate Dan’s professionalism, reliability and honesty.”

Mary Bryne / Fluoride Free NZ


“Woof woof, woof, woof woof woof, grrrrrrr, woof.”

Archer / Dan Lacey Creative

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